We will send a vehicle to your site with the appropriate collection method, for collecting your equipment that we have agreed to recycle for you.

We will pack the vehicle or container on the day of collection and transport all equipment back to our secure recycling facility. If you have ordered a shipping container we will drop off an empty container on site and then when you have filled the container return and swap the full container for an empty container.

We will send a vehicle to your site to collect your working or non working equipment that we have agreed to recycle or asset manage for you.
We will pack the vehicle on the day of collection and transport all equipment back to our secure processing facility.

Onsite Storage/Collection options
We are able to provide several onsite storage containers which we can get delivered to any location on main land Britain and once full then arrange for collection again or swap over for

Wheelie Bin
We are able to supply as requested an 1100 Ltr flat top wheelie bin with lock onsite anywhere within the UK main Land. Within England and most of Scotland we can arrange delivery and collection generally on a next business day service providing we have received the request for drop off or collection/Swap over before 11am. We have designed this service on the basis that the wheelie bin will contain only Electronic Waste and will accommodate approximately 200-350kg of equipment.

20ft Shipping Container
If you have ordered a 20ft shipping container we will drop off an empty container on site and then when you have filled the container return and swap the full container for an empty container.

Recycling and Disposal of Equipment.
Equipment is removed to our secure recycling facility where dependant on the customer requirements, equipment is either sent straight for dismantling and precious metal reclamation or passes through a “discernment” process to decide if the equipment is working and fit for resale or suitable only for recycling.

  • Working items, which are suitable for refurbishment and resale are cleaned, data wiped, and have all badges removed before upgrading is undertaken.
  • For equipment not suited to refurbishment a manual dismantling process is undertaken. Sub-assemblies and materials are then segregated for recycling. Wherever possible these materials (e.g. aluminium, copper, circuit boards, cabling etc) are then dispatched to licensed recycling facilities where they are used in place of raw materials in industrial processes or refined back into raw materials for reuse in other equipment.
  • Where hard-drives are identified as suitable for resale the data eradication procedure will always be employed. Where hard-drives are unsuitable for reuse they are shredded prior to dispatch for smelting and metal recovery.
  • An asset list detailing the make model and serial number together with final disposal route for each major item of equipment can be produced for an extra charge if required.
  • Collections can be arranged via telephone, email or fax. Collections are usually carried out within 7 days of a collection request. However we can also generally arrange collections for specific days or within 48 hours for an extra fee.
  • Waste Transfer Notes will be supplied by Recycling4you Limited or our Logistics Partner at the point of collection.

Call us on 01507 526720 or E-mail

We can arrange Fast Legal Recycling collections for Businesses and Public Organisations either direct from the disposal site or from your own warehouse.



Our service is currently being used by major UK companies and has been for many years due to our consistent high levels of satisfaction.

Our Service Includes

  • 100% Recycling Guarantee. (nothing goes to landfill)
  • Full Compliance with WEEE and Hazardous Waste Regulations

(Failure to comply with the Hazardous Waste Laws could leave you liable for a fine in excess of £5,000 not just to the company but the directors as well. This includes incorrectly disposing of monitors and TV’s)

We cover all the UK and have vehicles from Luton’s to Artics with moffetts. we can also offer reductions for monthly collections if sufficient volumes are involved, just ask, we will be happy to provide a quote for regular collections.

Once you have completed the quote form with your contact details and details in the large items box of the number and type along with the size if commercial we will then send you via email a quotation for collection and correct recycling of the equipment by the appropriate size of lorry for amounts you have stated as needing to be collected for recycling. Our costs will include the collection, full duty of care/hazardous waste collection paperwork and transport to the nearest refrigeration recycling plant to your location( keeps costs low). Once the equipment has been received at the recycling plant it will be degassed prior to being recycled. Once we have received notification from the recycling plant which is normally within the month of your collection we will then issue and send you via email a certificate of destruction for the equipment we collected from you. You can of course always contact us via the phone if you have any questions you would like us to answer and if we need anymore information then we will either email or telephone you for clarification.