Environmental Policy

Recycling4you Ltd are fully aware of the impact that incorrectly disposed of equipment and also the recycling processes of recycling electrical equipment and other waste streams has on the environment and have as our core policy a active policy of landfill avoidance. We endeavour to ensure that both ourselves and our recycling partners where ever possible will completely recycled the material received and as much as is possible use alternatives to land filling. We as an Environmental solutions provider will always promote good environmental solutions to our customers and also ensure that we use sound environmental solutions to minimise both our carbon footprint and our environmental impact.

We have commitment to:

Maintain the highest environmental standards both our selves and our partners for treatment, ensuring full compliance with all the current legislation and the ensure that all employees are trained and kept up to date with developments and changes in UK regulations.

Work within the companies operating practices and maintain appropriate records as required to achieve ISO registration.

Maintain a high standard of environmental awareness and wherever possible to find alternatives to landfill or incineration

Provide a high level of environmental protection to our customers and ensure that we are able to fulfil their duty of care and legal obligations under the UK and EU Law with regards to environmental law.

Provide information on environment issues as we become aware of them to our customers

To actively work with our customers to help them with their legal obligations in respect of environmental law implementation at their premises as and when required.

This policy will be continually reviewed and revised to ensure that our environmental objectives are achieved.

Paul Waygood

Managing Director                                                                                                                  03 January 2015