Worlds No1 IT company uses Recycling4you for asset disposal across Europe

When Recycling4you Ltd were approached early in 2012 to look at a project for a new client involving collection and recycling of old telecom equipment in the UK, the team responded in their usual buoyant and professional manner to find out the exact requirement of the customer and to propose a solution for Recycling4you Ltd to become the collection and recycling solutions provider for the customer. The initial brief was for collection from 20 stores in the UK as required and to ensure full compliance with the weee directive and ensure the collected equipment was recycled with zero land fill and zero identification of who the previous owner had been.

Server Recycling

Shortly after we had started the project in February 2012 and had collected from several sites in the UK, to the satisfaction of our client, we found out that whilst we were working for a third party the ultimate client was in fact the worlds No1 IT company and we were handling the collections direct from all their UK retail stores during a new telecoms replacement program. We were then asked to provide the same solution right across Europe to encompass all retail stores in Europe, of course we duly sorted out the correct solution and we have so far completed a large percentage of the collections. To date we have made collections right across the UK and in Europe these have included Madrid and Barcelona in Spain, Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland, Frankfurt and Hamburg in Germany , Rome and Milan in Italy with lots more to organise for 2013.

All this is organised by us at Recycling4you Ltd so that all our customer needs to do is advise us what needs to be collected and from where and we then take over allowing them to concentrate on their core business safe in the knowledge that the collection will happen when they need them and in full compliance with the weee regulations. All of which is demonstration for how Recycling4you works by becoming an extension to a customers team and providing hassle free recycling the correct way as well as supplying the correct solution for the customers task at hand.

If you have a project large or small that you would like us to help you with then we are waiting to assist you and provide the right solution at the right price for you.