Recycling4you Supports Olympic village

When Recycling4you Ltd launched their new innovative closed loop solution for household kitchen appliances otherwise known as white goods, little did they know that within a few months that they would be supplying refurbished fridges and freezers in support of the Olympics.

“ We ended up through our relationship with the University of East London supplying fridges and freezers for the accommodation which become part of the Olympic village for the 2012 Olympics. “ said Paul Waygood Managing Director of Recycling4you Ltd.

Recycling4you‘s closed loop solution is a new way for Universities and Social Housing as well as organisations providing accommodation, to have a sustainable solution for the purchase of fridges, freezers, fridge-freezers, electric cookers and washing machines for the properties that they manage.

We have access through our supply chain to one of the UK’s biggest and most well-known retail chains for electrical equipment. This allows us access to large volumes of kitchen appliances that are being collected from households when they have purchased a new appliance, either during a kitchen refurbishment or simply because they have changed the colour of the walls and the old appliance does not fit right anymore. Once the appliances have been delivered to the refurbishment centre they are assessed for condition and functionality with all appliances deemed suitable for re-sale being fully tested for electrical safety and also a 24-hour functional test prior to being cleaned to showroom condition and made available to our sustainable closed-loop solution for white goods.

This closed loop solution for fridges and freezers fitted very nicely with the University of East London’s philosophy of re-use as opposed to recycling and as Recycling4you Ltd were also taking away the old appliances for disposal under the WEEE directive as part of the agreement this not only proved to be a great sustainability project but also a big help to the university with their sector 3 carbon reduction targets.

Since the Olympics where all appliances provided worked without failure, which is a testimony to our testing processes we have continued to supply the University of East London with refurbished kitchen appliances, helping them with their sustainability and carbon targets through our unique closed loop supply and collection service for white goods.

If you would like to know more or enquire about purchasing our refurbished kitchen appliances then please get in touch via the quote page or simply send an email to