Re-Lamping projects

About Ener-g projects

Ener-g provide energy reduction projects for large industrial and office installations of old fluorescent tubes, where they provide greater energy control and replace the existing old high energy fluorescent tubes and high bay lighting with new more energy efficient lighting and also remap the energy requirements of the building resulting in major energy savings for their customers.

Ener-g were looking for a single company to manage their wastes produced onsite at their relamping projects and were unable to find a company to assist them until they found Recycling4you Ltd.

Recycling4you Ltd were able to offer them a single point of contact for the multiple agencies and waste streams produced in various volumes for each of their projects. Each project was reviewed prior to start and the most suitable containers were then provided for each project.

Details of Waste Produced and managed

Fluorescent tubes of mixed sizes mostly 2ft-8ft various amounts

High Bay sodium lights

Metal fitments from high bay and fluorescent tube fittings

Packaging waste from new lamps and fittings incl fitments and control panels.


Waste Management Services Provided

Large enclosed skip for packaging

Large open skip for lamp fittings

Suitable container for both types of lamps in one container.

Initial supply of containers on site when requested for start of project and then swap over of skips as and when required during the project generally either same day or next business day. Collection of all containers’ at the end of project; Provision of all paperwork and full audit trail including certificate of destruction and non land fill of the lamps.


What we do

Remove the problem from the customer by becoming a trusted partner for provision of the correct recycling solution including provision of appropriate containers onsite and the correct legal disposal and recycling in full accordance with the WEEE regulations.